5 Basic Preparation Tips to Go on an Expedition Cruise

If you want to have a different perspective of the world from an up-close and personal vantage point, then an expedition by sea or land may give you the ultimate opportunity to do so. One such amazing experience may be to go on an expedition cruise. While ordinary cruise trips cater to tourists and casual travelers with lavish lifestyles and these can be overcrowded and more impersonal; expedition cruises take you to remote and absolutely breathtaking places. These waterborne adventures can be intimate and give you the rare opportunity to experience unique destinations and cultures first hand. These are ideal for couples, small family or group of friends or even the lone traveler. Here are some travel tips for you to get started on an adventure of a life time.

Contacting the Relevant Expedition Cruise

There are specific companies that specialize in delivering the kind of stripped-down adventures that you are looking for when it comes to expedition cruises. Depending on where you want to travel to, you can choose from a wide range of reputable travel companies such as Inner Sea Discoveries or Silver Sea who specialize in ocean travel. Some of these cruises can even customize the packages by offering unique experiences such as a swim with manta rays Coral Bay. Thus, it is important to find a company that offers the type of services that meet your standard and requirements in terms of activities, accommodation and costs. Keep in mind that it may be necessary for you to drive or fly to the port where the cruise sets sail from so that you plan accordingly.

Selecting a Destination

Expedition cruises set sail covering the entire world from the tropical south pacific to the frozen Arctic. You will have to decide what captivating locale you are interested in seeing. Don’t forget that factors such as climate, the distance and the severe sea and weather conditions can impact the outcome of a trip even if it is a short cruise. Usually expedition cruises are offered around all nine continents and you can plan out the trip to coincide with natural phenomena such as the aurora borealis or the sea turtle migration.

Securing Accommodation

Expedition cruise ships are generally smaller and less extravagant than luxury cruise liners and sometimes can accommodate as few as 60 travelers. Booking your tickets early can guarantee a room aboard along with meals and other activities. Because of the limited arrangements and modest sizing, it is best to pack light.

Get the Necessary Travel Documents in Order

If you plan to venture out of your home, then it will be necessary to have a passport to travel. You may also want to take additional forms of identification and any other forms of registration to confirm the expedition cruise. You may also have to take precautionary vaccinations if you are traveling to areas prone to certain diseases.

Packing for the Trip

The destination plays an important role when it comes to determining what to pack and wear. In cold and frigid climates such as Alaska, you would want to use heavy insulated jackets along with multiple layers of clothing. Whereas, warmer climates are more forgiving on the accessories and type of clothing you wear. Stock up on essentials such as torches, sun block, insect repellents or snow goggles depending on where you are traveling to.


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