Best things in London

London is always the remained the global capital for several years for different things, from influential people to fashion. It can be seen that London has remained relevant through different centuries. London is well known for the architecture, from the traditional buildings to new ones and all the different styles in between. It is also one of the greatest tourist attractions in United Kingdom. London has always been in the travel plan for all people who visit Europe because of several reasons like its culture, colourful surround and lively people. Here are few things you should do in London.


This is one of the small sleepy towns in London that has too much to offer. Bayswater like the rest of London has history embed into it, through buildings like Notting Hill Gate, Elfin Oak tree which is carved and painted with eves, fairies, witches and other beings of the night.  Elfin oak tree is now protected by high fences to try and preserve the magic in the tree.

 Do not miss the Royal Palace

If you are travelling to London, you should make it a point to not miss the Royal family. You need to add the Buckingham Palace to your list of places you want to visit. The royal guards still follow the guidelines and changing of guards is remains a spectacle among the people despite their views on Royal family. There are tours inside the royal palace which you can take up and have a look inside the Royal family.

London Bridge and the Tower of London

From the kids rhyme, it can be seen that London Bridge always remained amidst all of us in some way or another. The Tower of London is a historic treasure that had served as prison to palace and everything in between throughout the years. When you are visiting London make sure that you indulge in this piece o history before leaving it.

Nightlife in London

London will not stay relevant if it had not made it a point to keep up with the trend and establish a great night life. There are so many different venues which keeps the party going till late in the night. There are different clubs to choose from as per your preferences.

From the above said, it can be seen that United Kingdom with London is one of the best places for insomniacs to visit because it has so much to offer from morning till night since it filled with history, celebrities and other things to keep people entertained throughout.


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