Great Ways to Explore a New Country

Many people are reluctant about travelling solo as they fear that they might get lost or not truly enjoy the new country by themselves. Many people who have gone on such trips have truly enjoyed the experience. Here are a few tips on exploring a new country all by yourself.

Start It Right Away

You should always do a little bit of research about the country you plan on visiting on. For example, you could look for places where you could shop, good places to eat and the adventurous activities the country offers. This will also help you to plan the holiday on a budget. Once you land in the country, you could simply start by picking up the map from the airport. This will guide you to the nearest restaurants, parks or even to your hotel. You necessarily don’t have to pay to the tour guide to explore the country as you can do it all by yourself.

Make Friends with the Locals

You cannot travel with a “closed mind” to fully enjoy this experience you need to open up, make new friends which will help you to learn new things. For example, many people who travel solo stay in a backpack hotel so they can be friends with people who will tell them more about the country. If you are into doing fun touristy things, then you could hire little caravans which are cheaper than hotel transport. Also locals might tell you the cheapest form of transport such as the train or the bus.

Holiday for Yourself

Today many people buy new things, not for themselves but just to put up a picture of their possessions on social media. We take pictures of even simple things such as the food we eat to show off to other people. Instead of enjoying the moment we are busy capturing it, it is important for us to know that certain things cannot be captured. When you are doing solo travelling you should try to avoid using phones. Instead, you should explore places for yourself and not to just take a picture to get a few likes. It is healthy to disconnect from the world to connect to ourselves. Many people do solo travelling to know more about themselves or too simple to get over few things such a bad relationship.

Say Yes To Everything

In order to stop lazing around in your room by simply watching a movie, you need to learn to say yes to everything especially when you are travelling solo. For example, if your roommates in the hostel ask you to join them for city tours then go for it. Several European cities have free local city visits that work on “pay as you feel” especially when you are travelling alone. Doing tours with a guide is interesting as they know about the history of the place, however in today’s world, nobody needs a tour guide as you can learn about the history of any place with few simple clicks.

Lastly, pack your own food as this might save cash and also help you survive till you get used to the new country.


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