How to learn and excel in swimming

If your child wants to learn how to swim and compete on a professional level you as a parent needs to give him your hundred percent support and understanding. Below are some things that both parents and kids need to know:

Start young- If you see that your kid has the skill and potential to be a good swimmer then ask if he wants to pursue it as a sport till he grows up since he will be investing a lot of time and effort on this. The child should display love for the sport in order for him to have the drive to work hard and excel.

Enroll them in swimming lessons while they are young because this is the best time to develop their motor and coordination skills. Teaching your kids to swim at an early age would also make them comfortable and confident being in the water.

Get help from the experts- Once you have determined that your child can swim on his own then it’s time to take things on a higher level by hiring a reputable swimming coach in Singapore to help train your kid and develop his potential to the fullest. A professional coach will help assess the child’s’ skills and current capability and should be able to design a training program that would prepare him for future competitions.

You can also encourage your child to try out for the schools swim team and make this a part of his extracurricular activity. The swim team has designated coaches and having someone to constantly guide him will surely improve his performance. Joining a swim team or a club will also help him develop values such as discipline, hard work, a good sense of camaraderie, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Identify his strength and select a specialization- Swimming has different categories and your kid and his coach must be able to determine on what category he excels. Whether it’s freestyle, backstroke or butterfly stroke, it is important that he works extra hard to excel in that particular category so he would have bigger chances of winning in future competitions. An effective coach should be able to identify and hone the strengths of his students and continue working on the opportunities as well.

Establish a daily routine- If your child wants to train and compete professionally a routine has to be established on a daily basis. It is important that he sets quality time to practice whether it’s before or after school hours. Being an athlete requires a lot of discipline, dedication and hardwork. Your kid has to learn that success does not happen overnight and he must work hard for it.

If he decides to enter a  competition then the ideal mindset should be is to never give up and to keep on trying. He must be motivated to practice and dedicate a few hours daily to improve on his performance. He must be aware of the sacrifices that he must make to excel in this chosen sport.

Support system- At the end of the day aside from the training the most important thing for him is to have a strong support system who will continue to cheer for him whether he wins or loses.


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