Ideas To Make Your Next Biking Picnic For Two A Smashing Success

Picnics are a great date idea¾and for good reason! Not only does it get you out of the house and into the sunshine, it also makes you feel nostalgic and appreciative of your childhood. Apart from that, there’s also the fact that food helps you connect with people; and picnic food is a great idea for this. Here are a few more tips and ideas to make your biking adventure a smashing success.

Pay Attention To The Weather

Rain on a picnic is almost an expected thing, but that doesn’t mean its welcome. Always check the weather beforehand if you can, choosing a bright and sunny day. If you really want to go on your biking picnic, despite the unpredictable weather, we suggest that you be prepared for the unexpected. Your clothes and the destination of your picnic can vary accordingly this unpredictability.

Pick The Right Clothes To Wear

Biking picnics are ideal for dates…but only if you’re comfortable enough with your partner to sweat it out and is in comfortable clothing. Makeup, fashionable shoes and wrong kind of materials can make even the most well-organized picnic feel uncomfortable.

Choose The Correct Food

Let’s admit it; even as adults, the best part of picnics is the food. In order to make your biking picnic a success, make sure to pick the right kind of foods. In moments like this, filling the stomach in a smart way is what you’re looking for. Opt for finger foods; especially the kind that won’t drip or spill or get squashed on the way to your destination. You might also want to make sure you pack just enough, so you’re not lugging around food that you won’t even eat.

And The Correct Carriers

Just as important as the food, is the containers that you carry it in. Make sure it’s air tight and spill proof. Well, food storage containers with locking lids are ideal for this purpose. If you happen to take along with your beverages, make sure it’s spill-free. Opting for cans or sealed bottles is a great idea. If you want to take wine along with you, and if you indulge in biking picnics often enough, perhaps you should also invest in a wine carrier for your bike.

Select The Right Destination

If you’re young, fit and excited about the picnic, chances are that you might be tempted to pick the prettiest destination around¾even if that perfect destination happens to be at quite a distance. However, we must warn you to make sure that both you and your companion has the stamina and the energy to bike a distance. The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself or your date, inevitably making it hard for you to enjoy the rest of the day’s programs.

Don’t Forget To Mind The Hour

Be nice to your body. Even though the weather feels perfect for picnics when it’s bright and sunny, avoid picnicking at high noon. Wait for the cooler hours of the day. If you must have it during the day, make sure to choose a shady spot for the blanket.

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