Planning A Long Holiday Trip? Phillip Island is Your Next Best Destination

Australia is one of the most visited countries all year round. The rich culture, friendly people, beautiful and natural landscapes give this country its unique charm. For travelers, this is a haven that needs exploring. What better way to step away from your busy life and check Philip Island with family or loved ones this holiday season?

Famous for its penguin parade during sunsets, Philip Island is a popular destination for day trips. But there’s more to it than just cute penguins marching along the beach.

Phillip Island is just a two-hour drive from Melbourne. However, this is no boring drive going to the island. Along the way, you’ll be passing Brighton Beach, a famous spot known for its colorful bathing boxes. This makes for a good ‘Instagram’ stop!

Another great stop is St. Kilda’s beach. This is a quieter spot that you can’t help but appreciate the serenity and splashing of the waves. If you’re lucky, wild penguins do roam around the island on certain seasons.

You can stop by San Remo for some light snack. This is a good spot for some fish and chips before you cross the bridge going to Phillip Island.

The Penguin Parade

The best time to check out the Penguin parade is from 5.15 P.M to 8:45 P.M in the Koala Conservation Centre and Nobbies Antarctic Journey. These places usually close two hours prior the time the penguins come. The best place to catch these cute animals is between November and March.

Woolamai Beach

Take in the view and enjoy the sunset in Woolamai Beach. If you find your thrill in surfing, then this is just the right spot for you. Looking to take some snaps and enjoy a breathtaking view? It’s just an hour walk from the beach’s car park.


This is a tourist favorite and it’s usually at peak during the holidays. This is Phillip Island’s commercial location where it’s bustling with people.

After touring the farthest destinations in Phillip Island, it’s good to take a lazy afternoon strolling along the beach or grab some bite in the stalls nearby.  Take a dip in its pristine ocean and enjoy its sunset.

There are nearby giftware and souvenir shops to look for trinkets to bring with you or for your loved ones. You can take a relaxing massage in a nearby spa center or play some golf or bowling around this community.

Phillip Islands offers the best place for comfort, entertainment, and some nature-loving. There are great bargains for accommodations suitable for any budget. It’s best to book your holiday accommodation Phillip Island earlier especially if you will be traveling in a large group. There are web-platforms available that lets you easily pre-select items you’d like in your room like air-conditioning, pet accommodation, wheelchair accessibility, and garage to name a few. From your pre-selected list, you can then check for the list of rooms available and lock-in your reservations according to your chosen dates.

There are many things to do in Phillip Island and its nearby islands for some sight-seeing and other activities. Be sure to keep your itinerary packed and full with your one-of-a-kind holiday on this island!


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