Steps to Plan a Romantic Evening

In our busy lives, we hardly have time to spend with our loved ones. If it has been a while since you and your man have had a special evening, the time is now. These simple yet special moments will be in your memory forever, and be able to rekindle your love. So here are some steps to plan each detail of a perfectly romantic evening.

  1. Pick a time and date

The earlier you make your reservation, the better. If you are planning on having this romantic dinner on a special occasion such as your anniversary or birthday, it will be safer to call and reserve early so that you get the date you want. However, be flexible to his schedule too. For example, if he will be just getting home that week after a long business trip, he will most certainly not be in a mood to go out for dinner. So, pick a date and time that is convenient for both of you.

  1. Consider his preferences

Pick out places and foods he loves to make him feel special. If he has a favourite restaurant that is the best Italian restaurant Singapore, go for it. The easier way is to list out some of his favourite things and try to include them for the evening. The evening could either be informed or a complete surprise. If you tell him in advance, he can easily keep the day free but if it’s a surprise, you may have to take some help from his friend to schedule a fake outing on that day so that he doesn’t plan anything else.

  1. Make reservations

As mentioned before, you can go for a restaurant that he loves or you can try a new place. You can browse online and even check the reviews before you make the reservation. Do it early so you can pick the table you like too. Arrange for some candles, flowers or anything romantic. You can also buy him a gift; a watch, perfume, chocolates etc. with a note or loving card. Make sure you call them up when the date is near just to confirm the reservation.

  1. Getready

You need to pick an outfit that suits the occasion. Make sure he dresses up too, even if it is a surprise. Also, have a backup activity in mind. You might end dinner early so in case that happens, you need to have another activity that you both enjoy. It could be late night bowling, ice cream or a romantic walk in the park.


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