You only live once

You only live once

This is the most trending quote that most youngsters follow at present, commonly known as YOLO. To do the impossible, take risks, help a stranger, travel the world etc. The thought of travelling has managed to capture the attention of many. It includes all those factors that comprises the concept of YOLO. You take risks by journeying to another country/city. It gives experience on new cultures, meeting new people, understanding ways and practices of different ethnic groups. It comprises of the full package.

Cash in hand

Whether you want to travel within the boundaries of your country or to another continent, you need to have a certain amount of cash. No one has the luxury to travel with empty pockets. Air tickets are relatively costly when compared to other modes of transportation. However, if you want to visit a country in another continent, the best choice will be air travel since it is comparatively quick. After all it would not be ideal to spend ages trying to get to the destination.  Another aspect that would need cash is the food and accommodation. Unless you have made plans on crashing at your relative’s home for a few days which would cost less or nothing, the general accommodation cost will be significant depending on the place you visit. Another factor that would need cash is the entrance ticket.  For instance, if you visit, tomorrow land, Disney land, a museum, adventure park and various other tourist attractions, you will be charged a ticket.


The next thing is safety. You will need to make sure that the location that you have chosen is secure and you have a trust worthy surrounding before you. Yes, life should be about taking risks and doing something new, but it should be an acceptable risk and not a vulnerable point where you are sure to be in danger. For this, you could approach the most well reputed travel agents who can give you the most secure travel advice and destinations.


Life is about making new experiences. The more you make new memories, the more you will have to talk about when you get older. It is the experiences we have now that will shape our lives for a strong future. When a person travels, he/she would gain knowledge about the different cultures that exist in society. It applies to local and international countries. By understanding these cultures, you will learn to be open minded and think about these cultures when making a corporate decision. Travelling will create an independent person out of you.


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